3 days Merzouga Desert Tour from Marrakech

3 days Merzouga Desert Tour from Marrakech

Do you want to see more of Morocco from Marrakech like the Sahara Desert ? book than an organized tour. On the way you will stop in a number of places including Ait Ben Haddou, Ouarzazate, the Valley of Roses, the Dades Gorges and eventually the Sahara. And only 3 days Merzouga Desert Tour from Marrakech will give you this opportunity .

dades gorges.jpg

Early pick up at 7:30 must be expected,your driver will come to your Riad/Hotel in Marrakech ,if your Riad or Hotel are hidden in the heart of the Medina of Marrakech ,your driver will meet you in the nearest place  -meeting point- . It will be a good drive before you arrive at your first destinations Ait Ben Haddou, a special village  listed as a UNESCO World Heritage Site in 1987. You will be lucky to look around and have lunch thereafter. The next stop is Ouarzazate where you can visit for an hour. The Mini bus with you will have in your way is great and everyone will have plenty of seating space, and the scenery outside is always nice and beautiful. When the sun begins to be down, you will arrive in the Dades Gorges  and get dinner and sleep there in a hotel with  a great a view to the valley .

3 days Merzouga Desert Tour from Marrakech

The second day of the trip leaves early. Nature is again very different with many reddish earth and mountains. On the way there are several villages and at one of these you will stop for lunch and take a look at a weaving farm on the plantations. At the end of the day you will arrive to Merzouga, where you go to camp in the desert for about one hour Camel Trek. There is food, drinks and music. Sleeping can be done outside or in one of the tents. Outdoors will be particularly special very clear sky and many falling stars.


The last morning again very early you will have a sunrise camel trek in sahara. After that a breakfast and then back in the Minibus. It’s another day driving along the high atlas mountains and berber villages till Marrakech, many stops for pictures and personal needs will be made .


Trip MAp : 

Price: 95 euro / person

Pick up from hotel : 07:20 am
Arrival at hotel       :
07:00 pm

Services included in this tour:

At The Dades Gorge
• dinner
• night at the hotel
• breakfast

At Merzouga
• dinner
• night in a nomad tent camp
• breakfast
• riding camel at sunset and sunrise.
• Local taxes

Services not included in this tour :
Lunch , Drinks and gratuities,Guide at ait ben haddou


One thought on “3 days Merzouga Desert Tour from Marrakech

  1. Absolutely appalled with the service provided by DD Tours. I had booked the three day trip 2 weeks in advance. I got in contact with the company regarding where to be picked up. I was told to meet out the front of Cafe De Frances at 7.20am to get picked up for the tour. I arrived at 7.00am and was the first person out the front of the cafe. Over the next 2 hours, approximately 50-80 people came and left with there associated tour guides. During this time, I was actively seeking the tour guides to see if I was on there tour, in which I wasn’t. Seeing I was the only single male travelling on the day, I definitely stood out however was not approached once by anyone from DD Tours. I tried to contact the tour guide/company and had no responses and even got one of the other tour guides to ring the company. They finally got in contact, however DD Tours said they would call back to organise a follow up plan, which never happened. At 9.00am, I gave up and decided to find new accommodation for the night.

    Finally, after sending multiple emails regarding the issue, I was contacted by the company at midnight saying they would look into it. Again, I had no response for 2 days and therefore emailed back asking for a refund. In return, I was told I was a liar and that I was a no show in the morning. This makes no sense as I had already paid the 110 pounds for the trip. To add salt to the wound, I booked a three day tour at my hostel, leaving the next day, which was half the price of this tour (66 pounds).

    Overall, really disappointed with the service. To not show up, not try and contact me, not respond to my efforts of trying to contact them and then not offer any solution/refund and being told I was a liar, I am extremely upset and recommend not to book with the company. If wanting to book a tour, I recommend doing it in person once in Marrakech.


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